March 31, 2014

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Q. When is the Fun Run this year?

A. There are three races a 3K, 5K, and 10K. They all begin at 8 a.m. sharp. Registration begins at 7 a.m.

Q. How do I pre-register?

A. Send a request for a pre-registration form to [email protected] Fill in the form and email in back. Or, go to Boundary Community Hospital OutPatient Clinic at 6640 Kaniksu. They will have forms.

Q. Do I get a free t-shirt if I register early?

A. There is a good chance you will. The first 70 people registered get a free t-shirt.

Q. How will my race time be recorded?

A. You will want to bring a watch to time yourself.

Q. Are there prizes?

A. There will be a medal for the top three finishers in the 5K and in the 10K.

Q. Can I bring my dog?


Q. Is it going to be cold?

A. See the next question.

Q. Is it going to be hot?

A. OGK (only God knows)

Q. Do I need to register each member of my family separately?

A. Yes. Everyone must be registered and sign a liability statement.

Q. Do I have to run the entire race?

A. No. Many people walk the course.

Q. Is the 10K course twice around the 5K, or is there another route for the 10K?

A. There is a new route for the 10K and there isn’t any repetition in the route.

Q. How old is the oldest runner?

A. Age is a frame of mind.

Q. Will there be water available on the course?

A. Yes.

Q. Are bicycles and strollers allowed?

A. Strollers are allowed; no bicycles please.

Q. Are all the runners fast?

A. Not all of them.

Q. What if it takes me a long time to finish the race?

A. You may want to choose one of the shorter routes.

Q. Is there a place to store my purse/wallet and valuables while I participate?

. In your vehicle.

Q. Are there bathrooms on the course?

A. There are public restrooms at the hospital, but on the course, there are only trees—which we don’t recommend.

Q. Will there be traffic on the course?

A. Yes. The courses are on streets around the hospital.

Q. Can I get a different size T-shirt than the options shown?

A. They are only available in XS, S, Medium, Large, Xlarge, 2X Large, 3X Large. The T-shirts are already printed, so when a size runs out, then that size is no longer available.

Q. What color is the T-Shirt, and is it short or long-sleeved?

A. They are a nice heavy cotton white t-shirt with a purple logo.

Q. Do the T-Shirts run small or large, or are they just right?

A. Only porridge for baby bear is just right.

Q. Should I eat before the race?

A. If you are going to be on the course for three hours, you might want to eat.

Q. If I pre-register, but I am late, or I decide not to come, will you hold my t-shirt for me?

A. T-shirts not claimed before the race begins will be handed out as requested by the runners, up to 60 T-shirts.

Q. Are there hills on the course? Do they run uphill, or downhill?

A. Uphills run up, downhills run down. There are ups and downs on the course.

Q. Where do I park?

A. The employee parking lot is open for parking. It is located across from the front of the hospital and a little to the west. It is next to the race starting area.

Q. What is the youngest runner that will be allowed to race?

A. All ages can race. Parents or guardians must sign a release for anyone under 18.

Q. Where do I go to check in? Where does the race begin and end?

A. The registration tables are at Boundary Community Clinic, which is directly across the street from the front door of Boundary Community Hospital. All the races start and end there.

Q. Do my children need to sign a waiver, even if I am pushing them in a stroller?


Q. How far is 3K, 5K, and 10K in US Measurements?

A. 3K = 1.86 miles; 5K = 3.1 miles; 10K - 6.2 miles.

Q. Can I let my children go into the hospital alone while I run the race?

A. Children need to be under adult supervision while visiting the Health Fair. The Health Fair begins at 9 a.m.


Health advocates will man over fifty booths at this year’s Health Fair sponsored by Boundary Community Hospital. "The Health Fair is an event that we always look forward to," said hospital administrator, Craig A. Johnson. "People who make it their career to know the answers to health questions will be here to address health topics. It is an informative, learning, and fun atmosphere for people of all ages."

The Health Fair starts at 9 am and lasts until noon. Pick up a plastic bag at the Outpatient Clinic door to hold all the goodies you will receive as you travel from booth to booth.

At this year's Health Fair, LifeFlight Network will be landing their helicopter on the helipad for up-close viewing of the inside of a medical helicopter transport system. A fire truck from the Bonners Ferry Fire Department and several volunteers from the fire department will be at the fair, as well as the Boundary Volunteer Ambulance service.

Representatives knowledgeable about medical equipment, aging issues, dementia issues, hearing, plants and nutrition, diabetes, childbirth, hospice, mental health, substance abuse, hand washing, cancer support, safe sleep for babies, food preparation, Medicare, and more will be present.

Boundary Community Hospital's booths feature several departments: cardiopulmonary, rehabilitation, radiology, nutritional, and outpatient surgery. Medical Staff will provide the community a glimpse into some of the services that the hospital offers here in Bonners Ferry. A booth from Boundary Community Hospital’s Extended Care Facility will also be present.

The hospital laboratory is giving a free coupon with a $66.00 value for one free Lipid Panel that identifies cholesterol in the body, High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), along with a calculation of Cholesterol/HDL ratio, which evaluates cardiac risk. The free Lipid Panel test coupons are available for everyone. For diabetics, there is a coupon valued at $73.00 for a Hemoglobin A1C test. This is not a screening test, but a test that monitors long-term diabetic control, and for that reason, is only for diabetics. Both coupons will be good for two weeks.

A free test you may take the day of the fair is a blood-sugar test. For accuracy, do not eat or drink 12 hours prior to the test. In addition, the hospital will administer free blood pressure checks and the rehabilitation department has several interesting checks planned.

A popular feature of the fair is the plant sale by Eden Landscape where starter plants are available for purchase.

In conjunction with the Health Fair are the Bike Rodeo and the Fun Run.

The Bike Rodeo teaches bicycling safety tips for kids and includes a bicycle tune-up by Far North Outfitters, and a free helmet provided by the hospital. A parent must be present with the child, and, sorry, but helmets are only for children who are present at the bike rodeo. There will be fifty helmets given away. The Bike Rodeo begins at 9 a.m. and lasts until all the helmets are given away or noon—whichever is soonest.

Holding with tradition, The Fun Run is free. Pick your run; a 3K a 5K and a 10K. Walking is permitted! The first 70 registrants will receive a free t-shirt.

All the races start at the same time in front of Boundary Community Clinics, across from the front door of the hospital. Registration is at 7 am.; the races start at 8 a.m. Early registration is encouraged. Email a request for the pre-registration form to [email protected] . If you pre-register, then you can go to the pre-registered line the day of the race, but, as a word of caution, still come early enough to leave time to pick up your packet. For information about the races, be sure to check out the FAQs on Fun Run FAQs . (208) 267-6912.

submitted by: Marcia Morman

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